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Infineon Data Sheet TDK5100 434 MHz & 868 MHz Transmitter Download

Micrel Data Sheet MICRF220 434 MHz Receiver Download

Micrel Data Sheet MICRF221 868 MHz Receiver Download

Development Boards

PIC18F13K50 & TDK5100 433.95 MHz Evaluation Board Download

PIC18F13K50 & TDK5100  867.9 MHz Evaluation Board Download

PIC18F13K50 & MICRF220 433.95 MHz Evaluation Board Download

PIC1813K50 & MICRF221 867.9 MHz Evaluation Board Download

Product Brochures

Nexus 2400 Brochure Download

XSports™2400 Brochure Download

 XSports 2400P Remote radio access for police motorcyclists Download

XSports™2401 Brochure Download

Phicom - Overview Download

Phicom Advanced User Group Download

XS2400-HKIT-2403-L Helmet Kit. Download

XS2400-TM-2403-L Throat Microphone. Download

Heavy Duty Headset Over Head Download

XS2400-MANZ240 Mains Charger(AUS and NZ plug). Download

Phicom Warranty and Terms and Conditions Download

Product Operating Manuals

XSports™2400 User Manual Download

XSports™2400 Fast Facts and FAQs. Download

XSports™2401 User Manual Download


Police Motorcycle Remote Radio Access - Evaluation System. Download

XS2400-XSR-HYT interface to CB's and increase your range . Download

General Applications for networked and point to point communication Download

Software Upgrades

Phicom Windows Update Utility Download


 Phicom Systems - for safety and efficiency Download