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About Us

Phicom is an Australian company committed to excellence in the field of hardened wireless communications products, specializing in applications supporting the needs of recreational users, professional services and security providers.

We strive to achieve excellence through a corporate policy of innovation and environmentally sensitive design.

Design excellence and innovation positions our company as a leading provider for niche communications products.

Phicom was short listed in the 2010 Australian International Design Awards for its

XSports®2400 handsfree long range Bluetooth radio.

Phicom is also listed as a collaborator with the Australian Institute of Sport for the 2012 Olympic games, for its supply and development of products for the Olympic sailing team.

Our manufacturing and end of product life policies allow our products to meet the demanding standards mandated by international bodies, making them compliant with the EC RoHS Directive and the EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) .