Development Boards

Phicom's Radio Frequency development platforms speed your time to market.  Hardware development platforms come supplied with an embedded controller and sample test code, allowing the engineer to immediately implement their hardware platform with starter software for test, tuning and evaluation.

Phicom has expertise in the complex transceiver design, development and manufacture to simple single chipset radio transceiver design. Familiar with semiconductor manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Micrel and Infineon, we can help tune your application for production test and volume manufacture.

Development platforms range from simple single chip transmitters and receivers for all ISM bands, to more sophisticated designs employing low noise amplifiers (LNA) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters.

We have extensive experience in synthesised superheterodyne transceiver design and development. Evluation platforms are also available. Phicom can supply Texas Instruments DSP platforms, with quadrature modulators and demodulators available in frequencies up to 3 GHz.

We also provide evaluation boards for the Key ISM bands, 315 MHz, 434 MHz,

868 MHz, 915 MHZ and 2.4 GHz Receiver and Transmitter Modules.

These modules, such as the one above (433.92 MHz) include Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter, and additional amplifiers as appropriate tuned for each frequency band.

The hardware supports polling of receivers for lower current consumption and optimisation of software in concert with hardware stabilisation times.

These development boards are available now from our store, individually or as a set for a complete wireless link.