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The SCom™2000 wireless communications product is a versatile solution for reduction or elimination of safety hazards in the workplace.

The SCom™2000 provides hands-free operation for use in situations of instruction and where there is a requirement for constant, uninterrupted communication.

The SCom™2000 provides wireless hands-free operation (no push to transmit required) for up to 600 meters line of sight on land and 200m on water,, providing a rugged communication link that is difficult to interrupt or break, due to its frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology.

Where constant uninterrupted communication is required, the SCom™2000 is an essential secure, safe and reliable solution to increase your operational safety, providing true hands-free communication for the user. This product, once connected to the pre-programmed radio, will allow the user to communicate with another person uninterrupted unlike CBs and other radio products currently in the market.

This communications product can be deployed in applications such as:

   Electrical lines people
   Crane operators
   Cherry picker operators
   Building sites
   High rise building sites
   High rise window cleaners
   Staff in engine and machinery rooms
   Adventure training specialists and school outdoor education instruction
   Professional and amateur sporting groups

The SCom™2000 is supported by a wide range of accessories such as comfort silicon ear inserts, helmet kits, waterproof enclosures, heavy duty and aviation headsets.