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Nexus™ 2401

The Nexus™ 2401 is a rugged lightweight multi-function professional communications product. This product is designed for lightweight applications, where reduced functionality forms a core requirement for the execution of duty in operational circumstances.


  • Immediate find Push to Transmit button
  • Digital Signal Processor for Advanced Noise Cancellation
  • Cryptographic Encryption
  • Group Networks Function
  • Voice Communications
  • Data Communications
  • Secure Channel Encoding
  • External Interface to Long Haul Communications Products (Voice and Data)
  • Power Save Functionality for extended battery life
  • Communication range typically 2km
  • Dynamic Transmission Signal Level for low Signature Emission Levels
  • Configurable for extended range using Link ™ 24km (patent pending)

Environmental MIL STD 810F
Cryptographic MIL STD 1553